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I have been using Too­dledo for a while now to man­age my to-do list. So far it is by far the best solu­tion for my style, and I urge you to give it a try. How­ever, the pur­ple and green colour scheme hurts my eyes. So I thought I would give the Styl­ish add-on for Fire­fox a try, and knock up a theme of my own for Too­dledo. It turns out Styl­ish is very easy to use, and it didn’t take too long. So here is my first attempt at a Styl­ish theme: Too­dledo by Non­im­age.


Instal­la­tion (cur­rently Fire­fox and Opera only)

  1. Install the Styl­ish add-on
  2. Go to the Too­dledo by Non­im­age theme entry page on
  3. Click the but­ton on that page to install the theme

Ver­sion History


Please use the con­tact form on the front page of this site to report bugs etc. Please let me know how well it works with your setup.