Labs / Custom styles / Toodledo Desktop for Mac

This is just a test at the moment, to see what peo­ple think.

Down­load Too­dledo Desk­top for Mac


  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Move to your Appli­ca­tions folder and launch it.
  3. Quit the app and relaunch it.
  4. Click the scripts menu icon in the top menu, and choose ‘Open User­scripts Folder’.
  5. Move toodledothingsstyle.user.js into that folder
  6. Click the scripts menu icon again and click the Too­dledo Things style item
  7. Refresh the app (Cmd+R)
  8. If you are hav­ing prob­lems see­ing the new style, click “Man­age User­scripts” in the Scripts menu and add “” to the inclu­sion list

Please let me know how you get on. If there is demand for this I will release it prop­erly. This appli­ca­tion was made using Fluid.