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Print design nerdery on your iPhone. Hurrah.


Press Check is the third iPhone game by FORMation Alliance in their Games For Creatives series. From their website:

PRESS CHECK is a designer ode to the old-school art of print plate alignment re-imagined as a challenge of speed and accuracy on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Show off your non-digital skills with levels ranging from the beginner 2-color set-ups to the expert 5-color jobs. Compete against virtual press operators worldwide with the international leaderboards for which to aim and judge your scores against. You’ll long for the sweet smell of ink and the hum of the press as you test your eye for perfect registration.

These games (Press Check, Kern and Eye vs. Eye) probably won’t appeal to many outside the design community, but with so many designers owning iPhones, I’m sure that’s not problem. The games are good fun in a hugely nerdy way. Press Check is currently £1.19 in the UK App Store [iTunes Store link]

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