Journal / Amelia’s & JPG R.I.P

Sad news for the new year.

Over the festive period I discovered two of my favourite magazines are to close.

This interview in Magtastic with Amelia was the first I had heard that she would be finishing after Issue 10. I’ve been buying Amelia’s Magazine since Issue 2 in 2004, and it really is a breath of fresh air, combining music, fashion, photography, illustration and plain weirdness. Make sure you pre-order Issue 10.

This morning Photojojo alerted me to that fact that JPG magazine is to close (and very quickly!). A photography magazine of the highest quality, each issue is themed and contains amazing photogrpahy from the community. Luckily, you can now download PDFs of all the back issues, and you can help to save JPG.

Whether these closures are anything to do with the c****t c****h or not is not entirely clear, but sad news it is anyway. It always looked like these bad economic times would be the end of some print media, but I had always focused on larger newspapers and magazines. The reality is that the small ones will inevitably start to go first.

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