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Commented On keeps track of your online conversations.

Commented On

Last week fellow Edinburgh designer Sam Brown released the first public version of Commented On. This is a self-hosted web app for tracking comments you make on the web.

Installation is very simple. Download the zip file, fill in some database details and upload. Run install script, finished.

The app currently does two things, and does them simply and well. Firstly, it allows you to keep track of the discussions you have entered into online. On the ‘Goodies’ page you will find a bookmarklet which you can drag to your browser toolbar. When you add a comment to a blog, you click the bookmarklet, which takes you to a page on your own Commented On install, which allows you to name the page you just commented on. In your own install you can log in and see a list of the posts which you left comments on, allowing you to check back to those posts and see who has commented since you visited. You can then archive links to posts where the conversatio has ended or you have lost interest.

Secondly, Commented On helps with the curent fascination of lifestreaming, where people create streams of information which pull in what they have been doing at various destinations across the web, like uploading photos to Flickr, Twittering, blog posting, etc. Commented On supplies an RSS feed for the articles you comment on which you can give out, or add to apps like Tumblr, Friendfeed and Socialthing. You also have the option to send a message to Twitter when you bookmark a comment. Some people have called this Twiiter spamming, but that whole debate is for another time.

As I said, Commented On is successful because it is so simple and ‘just works’, unike my experiences such as CoComment and Co.mments. However, there is one feature I would love to see in future versions: the ability to see further comments on the same post from within my Commented On install (and also get an RSS feed for that). I haven’t asked Sam is this is a possibility, but I really hope it is. That would make Commented On indispensable for me.

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