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I have been a Backpack user for a long time now, almost since it launched. When I started freelancing, I started using Basecamp for my business projects, and downgraded my Backpack account to the free version. Due to this, and also the fact that I spend so much time in front of one computer (and not flitting between work, home, laptop and more), I have been using text files much more and neglecting Backpack. However, lately I have started using it again with a vengeance, and there are various reasons for this. It is partly due to the fact that I have a new laptop and an iPhone, and web based info holding systems are handy for moving between machines, without having to remember to back things up to flash drives and such. It is also partly due to the fact that I have been beginning to plan my SXSW trip and wanted somewhere good to dump info and links and such. But most importantly 2 new tech bits have made working with Backpack much easier. iBackpack is a clever little bit of code that you can add to any Backpack pages you want, which optimizes them for iPhone. When viewed on any normal browser, pages appear normal, but when viewed on an iPhone the pages are far easier to view and edit than viewing normal Backpack pages on an iPhone. This is a godsend for me. I’ve been looking for a wiki system which I could set up for the same purpose as Backpack, but which was optimized to work well on an iPhone. Until 37signals releases a proper iPhone version of Backpack, this is the next best thing. Packrat has been around for a while. It solves (pretty much) the problem that while web based services can be cumbersome to edit and are not available offline, offline services have to be backed up and synced and so on. Packrat syncs with your Backpack account, but is a desktop client, allowing you to edit your pages etc, just as you would online. This allows you to leave it open all day and really quickly add bits and pieces as they appear, and it also allows you to have access to your pages while offline, on a laptop or whatever.BackpackĀ IconPackrat is good software, but i am enough of a snob to absolutely hate seeing its icon in my dock. So inspired by a post at 37signals, I have whipped up my own replacement icon for Packrat. Download it. To swap the new icon for the old one, Go to the new icon you just downloaded, select it and hot Cmd-C. Open your Applications folder, select Packrat and hit Cmd-I. Single click the small icon you see in the Info window. Hit Cmd-V and you will see the new icon there. You can then drag the app to your dock and not have to cringe every time you open your dock.

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