Journal / Customised iPhone Webclip Icon

I was too busy yesterday to keep track of what was happening at Macworld, but this morning, while getting severe tech lust for pretty much everything that Jobs announced yesterday, I downloaded and installed iPhone firmware 1.1.3. This update allows you to save icons on your home screen for web pages (it’s all explained here). The default method uses a screenshot of the page, but you can add a line to your header so that when someone chooses to save your page to their home screen, the get the icon that you set. Via Dan Dickinson,

<link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”webclipsicon.jpg”/> 
Then just upload an icon that you created to the directory you set in the line above, with the filename you specified. According to Playground Blues, this icon should be 158px square to get it nice and crisp.

If you save this site to your iPhone home screen, you will see my custom icon.

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